Sunday, June 20, 2010

Why the Progressive Window?

One day I was watching candidate Obama opening a speech to assembled Democrat politicians and he addressed them as Progressives rather than Democrats. Although I had heard the term many times, I was curious why he would do that and wondered just how Democrats and Progressives were the same thing. So I went to Wikipideia to find out about the Progressive movement and what it meant. Here is a link to what Wikipedia had to say about Progressivism in America. It didn't sound that bad. Kind of good actually. But as I read deeper and deeper, I started to see some things that I wasn't reading. The first and most obvious unsaid thing was that the Constitution means absolutely nothing to social progressives. As I read down a little farther there was a list of progressives which really scared me. Today that list reads:

"Modern American progressivism includes political figures such as President Barack Obama who calls himself a progressive, as do Joe Biden[46],Hillary Clinton[47]John Kerry[48] Bernie SandersRuss FeingoldAl FrankenDebbie StabenowDennis KucinichMike GravelCynthia McKinney,John EdwardsSherrod BrownKathleen SebeliusDavid McReynoldsRalph NaderHoward DeanPeter CamejoAl Gore, and the late Paul Wellstone and Ted Kennedy."

That is an interesting list. I thought those folks were all Democrats! How did the progressives highjack the Democrat party without the rank and file voting Democrats even knowing about it. I guess I'm naive but I don't see many blue dog Democrats on that list. In fact, there is not one person on that list that I believe is honoring his/her pledge to protect our Constitution. How did this all happen? Do Democrat voters know what has happened to their party or am I the only one with his head in the sand?

The purpose of this Blog is to look through the window to see what the progressive movement is, what the goals are (real vs. stated), and how the movement really works. From the list above, one thing is clear. We already have a progressive form of government from a leadership point of view which indicates that the Republic is already dead from many points of view. Maybe as I pull my head out of the sand, others will try it too.

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